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Monday, March 22, 2004

back to school!!!

like, shud i be happy? with all the bloody homework tats pouring in again.... so sorry to hear zat fell during line dancing.

hope xingwen conducts well tml or glosz will hamtam him.... yeah like he said himself, as if glosz out to sabo him or wadeva, i forgot the word.... den he up to now haven't got the recording... i tried searching for it myself and it's soooo not anywhere....

den got disco lives oso, dunno whether shima can play onot.... i dun really want to play tat song, cos the drumset part is boring, and all the other parts are boring..... but actually i rather play something den go stagnant... ok so im contradicting myself.... is tat the best split personality story all year or wad??

ok nvm... random thoughts again....

1. i really wonder wad "on the village green" is for. give for one day practice den dunnid to play liao... might as well throw away the score.
2. it was one of mi first songs i played....
3. the veri first was convergents, and i rmb, i didn't understand a damned thing on the score until i nvr play, hahaha.
4. our new PSL chairman, vice-chair, treasurer and secretary are all females
5. so the boys all want to resign, hahahaha
6. all saying mr oh got soft spot for girls
7. i left self-pract early today, cos my mum wants me back early nowadays
8. luckily i managed to put in a few hours
9. those few sec 1s are so hardworking
10. they sure beat us in a few years
11. tats y we have to keep ahead yar?
12. our new marching instruments are still not here, even wif the order placed a month ago
13. i checked all distributors of marching instruments, and all the sites say "delivery in 48 hours"... yeah rite...
14. and wad abt the new tarzan, hercules and moulin rouge?
15. all the sites say delivery in 24 hours, even shorter than the instruments wan, and its still not here....
16. my percs sec 1s are a bit lazy, nvr come for self pract
17. maybe i abit blind nvr notice...
18. onli one of our learn-piano-but-is-perc-sec1 can play jazz set, a bit natural kind
19. muz be the piano thing, haf to coordinate both hand and leg movement
20. why doesn't our band's jazz set have double pedal for bass drum?
21. why don't we have marching tom-toms?
21. why our pre-ordered , marching snare and bass haven't come yet?
22. why we dun haf marching bells? if we do get one, dowan the obscene one, the tray one better...
23. why am i asking too much?
24. i wish we were a concert/marching band mix
25. den can play everyday for national anthem
26. got drawbacks oso, like carrying the timpanis down every morning
27. but liddat can build muscle
28. i saw the photo of our band performing on national day, and i think, how we play then when we dun haf the score??
29. or isit in the cupboard, our library?
30. im at mi 30th thought.

im stopping here


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