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Friday, March 12, 2004


Today's performance was shit.... i forgot to check the snare, and as a result, the whole song cock-up.... i stopped to on the snare and so didn't play for the next few bars den dunno when to come in..... den the rest abit okay lah but overall is lousy lah... haiz....

den mi results oso can go jump down liao.... so low, and i failed chinese as usual...

im realli depressed........

thoughts again.... am i realli going to put these everyday?

1. im depressed
2. holidays suck cos no school
3. mi results suck more
4. but mi results come from sch so im wondering why i like sch
5. muz be mi frens
6. dunno
7. dunno
8. i hate chinese
9. maybe its bcos of band
10. can't be......
11. joel needs mi cue to signal the end of promotion march
12. im listening to the same songs all over again
13. chop suey again
14. its realli satanic, u shud listen
15. why do people normally write blogs as if they are toking to someone?
16. toking to the blog administrator izzit?
17. why do black holes exist?
18. why do people take meals at regular times of the day?
19. people normally eat breakfast at 6-7 in the morning before sch
20. food takes around 4 hours to digest
21. so recess shud be at 10-11.....
22. and so it is
23. im toking crap again

im so depressed.... today's performance destroyed mi confidence in mi playing and sundays performance....
i said in mi last entry tat im going mad..... i hope u see the proof in this....
how to live liddat??


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