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Sunday, March 21, 2004

i've got 25 mins to write this entry and later my mum's gonna force me to go and finish my holiday homework....

pathetic rite? i noe, up till now stil haven't finish all my hol hw... its a lot u noe, and im still thinking of how to finish it by tonight, probably gonna sleep late or sumting...

i've been thinking, if i dun finish my e math hw, will miss leong care aniway?!?! she doesn't do anithing nowadays, everyone in my class is going to fail just listening to her try to talk to the class.

and thinking back to last saturday, i dunno wad the sec 1s learned, but they very organised, can take care of their probs by themselves. they can decide by themselves hu play wad for wad song... so organised, without our help. if it were me, i would still have needed jingqin's help to do all tat...

xingwen's conducting is good, but a bit boring, yeah... den dunno whether is nervousness, the hand shake, den the pulse a bit lag.... den the horns so bad, collaborate wif glosz to sabo him... actually he wink at trombone and percussion also, but we didn't get the hint, hahahaha.... we too stupid lah....

okok, mi thoughts for today:

1. joshua still can't play eaglerock, wonder if it's bcos he's no confidence or is just plain cannot play.
2. disco lives is so nice... why didn't we go on to YMCA?
3. my dream last nite is still clear in my mind, wonder wad it's trying to show
4. xingwen shud haf more confidence to conduct, can be our next Tim or KZ
5. den can prove to glosz tat he can spot mistakes and tat
6. mr glosz is purposely going to cock up our eaglerock, wad will it sound like?
7. percussion cock up sure xingwen can spot wan, this section everybody oso can spot...
8. anybody got eaglerock recording??
9. now almost no one use friendster liao

ok i stop here, going to do homework...


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