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Thursday, March 11, 2004

no recess tml!!!

am i being happy abt it?? i dunno. honestly, i rather sacrifice mi recess to go do performances thingy.... den haf to warm up and all tat... so we're playing, 1: tarzan, 2: masters, 3: hawaii

dunno if going to play 4th song.... if haf rite, i wud suggest these songs:
1: Latin Gold
2: Endless Love(anibody got recording? send to me pls...)
3: Hercules
4: Eagle rock
5: Lord of the Rings
6: ROSS ROY!!!
7: Joyous
8: Tempest
9: On the village green
10: 99 bars of chromatics

okok the last one was pretty stupid... imagine playing same thing for 99 bars for a performance.....

finefine, i happen to not haf anithin more to say, so here are mi random thoughts for now(to zat and xingwen: i'll be more carefull wif mi thoughts):

1. everyone in this world is beautiful
2. mi chinese sux
3. doesn't anithin other than band happen around here?
4. i hope i dun cock-up the whole thing tml
5. lets all hope zizie doesn't eat gum again tml
6. i'll force her to spit the bloody thing out
7. cos we'll get punishment again
8. the punishment actualli veri effective leh
9. can improve pulse and eveness
10. so tats y we shudun take recess
11. cos ppl would haf food stuck in their teeth or sumting
12. is tat the reason??
13. no i dun think so
14. mi mum just ask me: "no homework today arh?"
15. typical
16. i still have 1-&-a-half-hours
17. 1 hour not enuff izzit
18. i getting fed-up
19. i gonna crack
20. .........

dun mind me, im going mad


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