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Monday, March 08, 2004


WAH SO TIRED...... im dead beat, today the drumset snare drum's snare keep getting loose, den i put it back and use screwdriver to tighten not enuff, the thing keep getting loose.... i need hakim to do this..... his arms so strong, one twist the thing stay tat way for a few years....

aniwae.... i dowan to go for tuition ever again.... it's on a SATURDAY AFTERNOON lor, how pathetic is tat?!?!?! got frens going out on saturday and there i am in tat stupid room taking worksheets and wadeva nonsense from the teacher.... if it were on a weekday den not so bad lah, but this is stupid man.....

there's band tml!!! cool!!! i get to play as loud as i want wifout tan lee cheng spitting curses into mi ear....

eugene told me there's our own rehearsal for the balloon hat thingy this saturday... den there's a performance for assembly this friday... we still haven't been told wad to play.... i hope it goes well...

joel discussed percussion feature today... he forgot to do the 'homework' jingqin set for us.... so how? onli effa, shima, desiree, zizie me and i think diyana oso, did the thing..... dunno if jingqin did, we onli haf 4 days b4 showcasing our "so-called-skills"....

i've decided... im going to add random thought on almost every entry from now on:

1. am i being idiotic by putting the random thoughts?
2. samuel wants me and joel to go cyber wif him everyday during the hols
3. we haf band stuffs so most of the time can't go
4. joel might get sick again if he does too much things at once
5. he was sick from exhaustion last time
6. how does it feel like?
7. i don't want to know
8. there are the words "safe mode there"
9. i dunno wad they do
10. the snare is still loose and we haven't done anithing abt it
11. i hope hakim is coming soon
12. if not the stupid snare won't be ready for friday
13. dinner's in 15 mins time
14. a lot of ppl read mi blog and i didn't realise
15. i've taken over Rickson's SYF uniform
16. but the blazier is Wei Jian's
17. rickson is mi size meh?
18. by next year it will be too small or short
19. am i writing too much?
20. the DISC proved i was an "s"
21. so it means im an ass
22. im becoming almost as lame as mi bro
23. u dun wanna noe me when i become veri lame

i think i AM toking too much rite.... stopping here


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