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Wednesday, March 10, 2004


uneventful piece of shit.... i meant day....

no one scolded me today, the 2 new teachers did nothing except tok cock:
1: chem, she tok so softly i cannot hear anithin, den ppl ask her to speak louder den she go "okay" but stil at the same volume....
2: bio, she whole day tok to us as if lesson nothing to do wif her, say wad u expect to learn from bio and all the other crap...

so tats why mi entry so short today, not counting mi random shits....

1. we haf abt 80 ppl in the band and eugene has recieved abt 200, i forgot..... but it was much over the number...
2. so are we going to get extra tickets? hahaha im fat-hoping
3. joel's using chop suey for percussion feature
4. our perc feature is going to cock-up
5. but we're still gonna do our best
6. i didn't understand wad eugene said today
7. we performing at 10.30
8. den got another time at 1, izzit? i can't remember....
9. so we got run-around period at 2
10. come back at 4, den got the promotion and hawaii thing
11. den no dinner provided
12. like i need it?
13. i think i do need it after tat tiring day
14. so we'll be back by 8.30
15. unloading and cleaning up will take until around 9??
16. i've no idea
17. i'll need to go home by then
18. cos monday got sch
19. and mi mum will be asking where i've been when i told her a thousand times "SENTOSA"
20. i even wrote it down on a small whiteboard hanging on the wall
21. but she'll still ask
22. we got performance on friday
23. 3songs: tarzan, masters and hawaii
24. miss lela ask us to put the performance as dance, band, dance, band kind
25. so she say do 4 songs
26. i want latin gold
27. but latin gold oredi last year play
28. so i tot maybe endless love?
29. tat song is so nice
30. got saxophone solo
31. the drum beat is nice oso
32. jing qin is playing her jazz set debut wif tat song
34. the song overture 1928 is cool
35. "one man army"'s drum beat is bloody hard
36. eric wants joel to play feelin this
37. i can play!!! the chorus onli... hahahaha
38. it's hard, got cowbell....
i think i will stop here.....


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