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Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Me?! Irritating?! FINE!!!

This came to my mind, and its a reply to that half-crazed person out on the loose... also i was thinking of the musical so... yar....

aniwae... tml's the sports meet thingy and i hate it... i've to stand out there in the hot sun for the whole 4 hours while the rest are drinking ice-lemon tea or sumting under the shade... actually not shade ar, they also in the sun... but at least get to sit down...

den haf to lead the cheers also... i dunno wad the cheers are lor... i tat day go home get my shoes and didn't go for the lame thing... but i care ar... ok lar actually i care cos im gonna make a bloody fool out of myself...

the thoughts tat give inspiration:

1. TO _ _ _ _: i dun give a shit ok? irritating to you too bad lar, just go away....
2. the wound in my knee is stretching like mad...
3. can wounds stretch
4. romanesque is so nice but the percussion so little part
5. little but cool
6. zizie plays disco live very cool ar, quite unorthordox(is tat how u spell it??) method
7. new alliance so cool!
8. wad else ar?
9. oh yah, got promotion.... so cool rite, i miss balloon hat!!!!
10. when's the next one??
11. have i asked this b4??
12. next day speech day le, how to play the choir thing??? so darn crappy lor
13. ....
14. ....

arh cannot think le


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