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Saturday, April 17, 2004

Speech day so nice lor


We play so nice lor... the overture so nice, especially the last part, where i play the drumset..... I WILL SURVIVE!!...

den the choir.... haiz... their pulse can die lor, sorri to choir members reading this, but really ar... i willing to play wif u all and yet give this kind of shit... but still nice lar....

the reception was the worse one, everybody blast like some marching band liddat... so echoing... hahaha but still so nice...


CCA step down le... so un-fun liao... will the band room be open everyday like normal? even wifout the usual practice.... can onot?

haiz... nvm, i will still practice on pillow, bed, table, my bro's head, wadeva i can get my parkin hands on... so tat after the exam thing i will still be the same, or better, hahaha.... i dun give a shit abt my how-u-spell-it(umbrochure or sumting).... wad does a percssionist need it for? singing ar?

no thoughts today, im blank


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