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Sunday, July 04, 2004

yesterday's marching band competition totally rocked!!

somehow after seeing the drumlines of the final four bands, i suddenly have the urge to push my section to such standards... i wouldn't mind too if TWE became TMB, budden it wud mean a hell lot of changes... no more emo stuffs, no more fun filled things, no more dynamics changes, a hell lot more percussion instruments, and many more things...

it would mean spending alot of money on percussion instruments too... like marching snares, field drums and tenors, not to mention basses...

haiz, aniwae, can't do much about it...

tat was yesterday, today' festival winds rehearsal was ok la, compared to the last one... i managed konigsmarsch and fairest of the fair quite well, which is very good compared to last time... i heard from some ppl they play fairest of the fair during morning assembly, realy? i muz ask dem for the cd. it's a really nice song, for marches, that is.... oh shit here i go toking about marches again...

tml going to watch spidey2 with the usual ppl, sam ryan denan and some others... wonder y joel's parents grounded him when his grades are far too much better than mine. the thing about singaporean parents is tat they expect too much out of their poor children. they expect singapore's education to be evolving at a very very slow pace, which it certainly isn't. they suppose tat we're learning wad they were at the same age, the same time, at the same speed... yeah rite, wad they learnt in sec 1 we did in pri 5..

tat would explain why my dad was a bit angry when i didn't get A1 for english in sec 1.
he said "u know, i got A1s every year when i was in RI..."


hu de heck give's a damn wad grade he got for english? he's a maths teacher and he doesn't need to know very advanced english, or his classed wud be all cconfused... tats stupid... it's exactly the same bloody situation as my chinese, which my dad fortunately didn't take during his time in RI... why do i need chinese for? for example, if u r a surgeon who studied in china and spoke only chinese, got full As for chinese and chinese lit, and u are operating on an indian man, with malay nurses around u in a british private clinic... now wad use do u have for chinese? even if everyone was chinese around u, and u wanted to ask for a operation knife, would u say(in chinese):"please pass the 7-and-a-half-inch long instrument for making openings in semi-soft material also known as the epidermal layer on the surface of the homo sapiens"?? no rite? crazy MOE..



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