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Saturday, September 04, 2004

bloody fish.

okok, before i start anything here, i want to wish ZAT, WELCOME BACK!!!

hahaha, ok back to crappy life.

i think those who read this post should read the previous entry first, so that you understand what nonsense i'm talking about.

firstly, it has not gone into my parents mind, that i really really want to join NAFA. Right. And when i asked my mum why they "do not let me make my own bloody life decisions", she said it was because all the decisions i've made so far are wrong.

hey, she damn bloody wrong ok. I'm not wrong for choosing band over air rifle. It made me realise that i have my own life to live. My mum's just wanting to keep having control over me. she says it's a bloody waste to throw away 4 CCA(yes that was how much) points for something which will not give back as much.

actually, band has given me much more in my first 3 months there than how much i was given in my whole 1-3/4 years there...

too bad for my mum, and my dad. when i get the bloody "choice of JC/Poly/ITE" paper, i'm going to write NAFA down as my first choice, without consulting them. That piece of paper is my future, and i'm not going to let them destroy it by making go for a course which i will deliberately fail.

ok, thats the short message i just want to send out. for those who cannot make sense out of this, read the previous entry.


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