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Monday, September 06, 2004


The WHOLE LOT of them are in camp, the others are either going to see plays or going out to celebrate friend's birthdays or wadeva.
And me??

I'm stuck in my forsaken house. It IS forsaken(no reference to Maryanne), cos:

1. My dad couldn't wait to go to the dentist, he's not here now.
2. My mum was rushing for work when it was still early.
3. My brother could come home after his Project marking but he choose to have lunch out.
4. My sis sounds so freaking happy when she was talking to us last night.

so the whole family's out, except me. And I'm not supposed to be here. I'm supposed to be upstairs working on the silly maths paper Miss Leong gave us, when my dad asked me to "try-out" the same paper 2 weeks ago. I only managed to sneak some time here because, like i said above, my dad's at the dentist.

I want to go out. that's my statement for the holiday week.... Eh wait, no. It should be Un-holiday week. Whats the point in putting the definition of "Holiday" as: (holy-day), a day of holiness where under certain laws it is a day of rest from work..


The international court should create a new law book specifically for Singapore.

The first law would be:

Holidays are days given to students to study extra hard for the upcoming exams.

Excuse me?? That law will only become real if my dad was the Prime minister. So, since he isn't, I strongly recommend he read the dictionary properly.

Anyway, being at home is extremely boring. I have to go to the library to borrow a sherlock holmes book for my english review. And I have 3 maths papers to do. And my Mum's assesment books(actually they are not her's, they are the 10-years series books that the teachers asked us to buy). And to top it all, I still have maths tuition from 10pm to midnight every night.

so how? the only relief comes from the first piece of homework. I HAVE TO GO TO THE LIBRARY to borrow a sherlock holmes book for my english review.

Now, isn't that the best thing that could happen to me throughout the whole week...

yes it is. Apart from band practice on tuesday, which is happening on a N'level day, that is practically the most exciting thing happening in my boring life.

let see. there are so little things in my life which can spice it.

1. Band
2. Chatting with people online
3. Sleeping
4. Chatting by SMS
5. Listening to music
6. Daydreaming of the promised better life after the exams
7. doing homework

yes, doing homework has become one of them. yes, i'm that desperate for excitement in life.
let's see... Band is only on Tuesday. Chatting with people online and listening to music involves using the com, which I'm almost hardly using.

Sleeping at some times are considered illegal by my parents. The Better life after the exams was promised by my mum. so my dad is totally not into that idea. I only chat with Florence everyday, and now she's in camp, and she didn't bring her phone... so chatting by SMS is hardly exciting during the first 3 days of the Un-Holidays. so I'm left with Doing homework for the majority of the day.


There are a few more good things which can happen. And i mean CAN HAPPEN. Meaning they might not...

1. Yi Mei will have time to update her blog with long entries.
2. I can have some time to count the days left to the end of exams.
3. I can wake up late in the mornings.
4. I can sleep late at night.

okok, the last one obviously WILL happen, since my dad gives me and my bro tuition everynight.

Talking about my brother, he's becoming more like my dad. meaning he can sleep short hours.

he slept at 4am on sunday. and he slept at 6 this morning. my mum woke him up at 7.30 to go to school to have his project, the one he was mugging for, marked. imagine sleeping 1-and-a-half hours only...

anyway, i think i better stop here. i talk too much already... I'm just thinking of how I'm going to miss chatting by SMS with people for the next 3 days...


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