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Friday, September 24, 2004

I have 15 mins only so i'll make it short...

Flo got blog. I'm like, the latest to know....

hahaha, rite, so, today was supposed to be another day with remedial. the remedial was quite boring, but Joel and me were lucky... I'll talk about that later...

First, Chinese lesson. nothing much to talk about. he just gave us the same every-year-give hanyu pinyin worksheet thing...

haha, den after that during E maths and A math I was totally trying to figure out what makes Math seem so nice to some people. actually i see no sense in learning chemistry when i dun want to take up a job in a lab next time.

I mean, nobody on the street who has gone through secondary school and who holds an office job starts shouting his mouth out on what chemicals he had consumed through the coffee during his lunch break, or tell us that his office chair moved at whatnot accelleration when he stood up, what forces were acting on in and whatever.

Or maybe a carpenter who did bio during his school days will tell people how much nutrients he took in during breakfast, how many Kilojoules he lost when he squatted down to tighten the screws of a chair. maybe he did calculate the gradient of a graph which showed his blood pressure when his hamstrings contracted and the blood vessels got narrower.

here's a scenario. Imagine two sec schoolers arguing over who is right.

By 1: I am right u bloody fool.

Boy2: Don't talk like that! u just increased my bloody blood pressure by 12heartbeats per scond!

Boy1: Like i care?! u calculate the force I'm going to implement on you, and u will know how strong i am!

Boy2: you're are pathetic! I will swing the classroom door with enough moment to knock u down!!

"boy 3 intercepts"

Boy 3: stop it the both of you! Mr Mubarak is walking with a speed of 8 metre's per second arh! he has heard of this argument and he is going to kill the both of you with a knife in the heart driving at an acceleration of 50 metres per square second! U 2 better stop!!


right. so, do even the teachers talk like that? The subjects we're bring tested on has totally no point of impact on our Lives after we graduate.

think about it. adults have almost totally forgotten basic chemistry or physics.

give your parents a question like, "what is the proton number of helium?"

I tell you, unless they are chemist or work in a lab, they will certainly not know the answer...

right, okok i talk too much liao...


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