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Monday, September 20, 2004

Right, here i am again blogging, even when the stupid exams are coming.

I am certainly not going to talk about today's EL and CL papers. they were horrible.

Today almost everybody had the same change in expression before the exams and after. It was like a United-as-a-school thing. before the exams everybody was carefree, trying to hide their anxiousness while telling others they think it would be a breeze.


They were all hiding their stupid feelings.

Rite, I am now so stupidly bored at home. there is simply nothing to do apart from studying or doing my dad's physics CD. So here i am using the allocated 15 min break to blog.

rite. I am so going to abhor from using the words Bloody and Damn on my blog. I'll use the word Stupid instead.

rite. u know that today is totally stupid? in fact, all the days nowadays are stupid. i either come back and study work and sleep, or i come back and work and study and sleep. whatever the case, sleep is always at the end. and that is not my choice.

this is a list of what I'am going to do as soon as the last paper is over.

1: buy Flo's Birthday present.(it'll be very belated by then)
2. Download Gunbound
3. join Joel and the rest at Zion(maybe i'll have other plans, so... dunno)
4. laugh at my brother that he still has O'level and that my exams are over.
5. same as above, but to the seniors.
6. play gunbound
7. download more music
8. go back to the band room and regain my lost embrochure(eh wait, i dun need one... well, u know what i mean la)
9. practice every single song until as perfect as i can get it.
10. hold sectionals as often as i can(sorry guys).

yup, thats about it. 15 mins over.


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