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Friday, September 17, 2004


I've been grounded till my good results show again. Then again, my results have never been really good, just moderately, and last term's was the horrible-est...

A few good things:
1. Flo's back, that's like the nicest thing to happen in these days.
2. I can concentrate on my studies for the finals.

That's about all for the good things.

(quite alot) bad things:

1. I'm grounded. Like, can it be good?
2. My phone's grounded too. I mean in the sense of being confiscated, not the grounded-to-powder-type of grounded.
3. Without my phone it's like the whole world is lost because all my contacts' numbers are there(even though i have a few important numbers written down and a few in the head).
4. I must go back as soon as possible, whenever possible.

yup, no more excitement for me, it's the dull period now.

And it'll most likely be stretched till after the exams end.

erhem.... ... ....

See?? i got nothing to write about liao. bye.


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