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Sunday, September 26, 2004

Right. There's school tomorrow and I'm so stupidly happy.

I like school. It's one of those unfathomable things that simply just happen. I like school for many reasons of my own, but even without them, I would still like going to school.

Not that i like school for the lessons. Well, ok, some of the lessons rock, for example, english, where everybody gets to slack in their groups.

Then, there's social studies, where EVERYBODY, and i really mean everybody, slacks.

And oh, happy coincidence, both the teachers are named Mr Tan.

Is it a coincidence or are all the Tans in the world very kind and such? I realised that all the Tans I have known are all very soft hearted and easy to push around. With the exception of Tan Lee Cheng of course.

ok, right, i wasted a lot of time typing that nonsense.

Today was quite ok i guess. Went for class, almost vomitted again, came back, had lunch, did work until 5, studied until 6. The usual Sunday.

But at 6 i went online and Flo was online. She was using her Sis' Laptop so i wasn't really used to it.

hahaha, and i think her sis doesn't like me, cos she scolded me when Flo was going offline.

hahaha, nevermind.

anyway, after that i just continued surfing the net for more and more recordings, but as usual, i couldn't find any. I played Westside story for my dad and he was enjoying it so much(it's his favourite musical of his time). He's been trying to find the VCD or DVD, anyone got?

Yup, than my mum say it's very 'chao', cos of the Mambo part at the end... Who cares, it's still very nice. hahaha


rite, sorr arh, no present. Grounded, see? haha, anyway i don't think anyone had time to go out to buy, so, too bad arh yimei, maybe after exams....

maybe only.... haha

okok, right.

tomorrow i think will be quite fun lah, considering the fact that i haven't had PE and other 'free' periods since the Monday before last. Because of the exams la.

U know, last time i used to like exam days because we could go home early. but nowadays, I don't like going home and sitting at the table whole day mugging for the next day's exam(s). I totally hate it.

But, what to do, I have to go through this nonsense. So i will tolerate that nonsense, then when the last stupid E Math paper is over.... HAHAHA! I will enjoy like siao. I will go out play with friends or do something la.

My mum says that I'm not to disturb my bro while he is preparing for his O's. I will do just that.

Anyway, i will be too absorbed into playing gunbound until i will just go more blind from radiation. And when I'm out I most certainly can't disturb him, unless I call, and thats a stupid thing to do, because I'm trying to save all my free messages or whatever whatnot.

I just can't wait for the stupid exams to end. If I'm lucky, I will get back my phone on the last day of the exams! That's one of the best things that can happen to me anytime nowadays. I hope it happens.... I miss my phone and everything in it...

haha. right, better go sleep now, or I'll fall asleep during PE tomorrow. Just imagine a group playinig handball with one of the players lying down on the field sleeping while everybody else is running about like mad idiots.

Right. Something funny happened to me today. I felt like there was a pull in me, some urge to go to school, right at that few hours in the afternoon. Can anyone explain it?

Unexplainable things:

1. It has been proven that the sales of a grocery goes up 20% when water music is being played in the shop.

2. Why in the world is the French Fry and the French loaf made in england?

3. Study = No Fail----1
No Study= Fail-----2
hence, 1+2...

Study + No study = Fail + No Fail

Study(1 + No) = Fail(1 + No)
cancel (1 + No)...

Hence, Study = Fail

so why study?!?!?

right. I will add more when i get them in the head.


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