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Friday, September 03, 2004

Shucks, my life's in shambles...

Only 6 days ago, when Lela called us to stay back for a meeting, i was only told about it when we were about to go home, so the lunch my mum bought for me, waiting at home, was useless... we wanted to go for lunch then, but no more time liao, so we just wait until 1...

right, so, fast-foward to 3 hours later. we just finish, den i called my dad to pick me up. My brother answered the phone(duh! my dad's too lazy to do it), and through him, my dad asked me to come home myself...

right after i hung up, i saw Yimei they all walking to go eat lunch, den i remembered i had not eaten. right, so i chased after them la, then we went to eat lunch... right after that, we wanted to go Xing Wen's house to watch the Journey VCD, but oh, unhappy coincidence, my brother called and ask me why i take so long to come home myself... i told him i go eat lunch, but he say he tot i eat lunch at 12?

the situation was so hard to explain, so i decided to go home... Or rather, my dad decided for me to go home... yup, so i went home, tried to explain to the unreasonable person, but to no avail(wad did i call him?)... the whole lot of them didn't believe that Secondary school meetings can last 3 hours, even when their meetings last a whole shitting day...

that's just one experience.

ok, so fast-foward a few days to tuesday. Be yourself day. Retro, whatever u wish to call it. the only happy thing that happened was the around the concert that time... yup, after that, the commitee went for a meeting held at Mr Glosz's house... right, so there we went... the meeting was for 3 hours again... so naturally my parents would not believe it actually happened... we went starbucks first, and everything there was so expensive until i dowan to eat, so i just bought a cocoa(ansley isit spelt like that?)... it was so freaking expensive...

rite, so after the meeting, they wanted to go to parkway. i called my bro and asked whether my dinner has been cooked and the answer was yes, so obviously i have to go home... hahaha... right, so i walked to the bus stop, picking up my long awaited lunch from mac's on the way...

when i reach home, my dad started shouting at me. the first time we see each other since the morning when i left the car on my way to school, and he's already shouting. he's asked where the hell i had been, and i said meeting, then from there everything was a repeat of saturday's experience, except that he said he was going to my school on thursday to talk to Lela. right, he doesn't really understand the consequences of taking me out of the band... if he really dares to see what will happen, too bad for him. i'm not talking about whether the band will fail. in fact, i'm sure they will prosper without me. look what happened to the air rifle club.

it's the rebelling i'm talking about...

aniwae, yup, then during dinner yimei called and asked about the happenings la, haha right, i honestly don't know what to do...

ok, thats tuesday for u.

wednesday. teacher's day. school holiday. jialin's birthday. the netball team's bbq, whichever.

a school holiday! GO OUT CELEBRATE UR FRIENDS BIRTHDAY!!! that's what other parents might tell their kids, but not mine. okok, my mum let me, but she only came back from work at 6 in the evening, so only my dad was at home, and naturally, he didn't let me...

i just asked, as politely as i could:"daddy, can go out onot?"
Then the horror began.

thats what my dad said.

ok, so, fine, i called jialin and said sorry i cannot go, she asked why, and i only needed to say "same old thing", and she understood...

so the afternoon was spent doing our wonderful Temasek Secondary School final year examination paper "Additional Mathematics".

while i was doing it, i thought of Ansley and Jialin enjoying themselves, of YiMei and XingWen playing in the wonderful playground, of Florence enjoying herself at the netball bbq at east coast park, and i nearly cried...

what kind of freaking idiotic kid stays all cooped up at home during a holiday... the actual answer is me in primary school, and me on teacher's day.

It's my dad who, after seeing me change my introverted style with the help of the wonderful people from the band, force me to change back...

staying at home was not a very painful experience either. i got to hog the phone for half an hour. that's something i've never done before in my whole life. but when you're trapped from the outside world, sometimes never-done-before things do happen...

My life's changed. My parents have not.

I've grown extroverted. My parents remain old-fashioned.

I've grown too big for my parents small grasp. They choose to stuff me in their grasp instead of widening it.

I need to make my own life decisions. They want to choose everything.

i have friends who's fathers call them to talk about the new game shop in town. My parents call me to ask me if i'm doing work or talking on the phone.

My friends use CDs with titles like Warcraft 3, Counter-strike etc. The only CDs i'm allowed to use is "Physics a course for O'level" vol 1-4.

My friends have been downloading the latest online games since sec 1. The only game i ever get online are the ones on MSN messenger.

My friends get asked to get off the com after playing online games for 3 hours. I get scolded for reading mail and chatting for half-an-hour.

My friends don't like school and love going home. I love school and i don't like going home.

My friends love their home bcos of their bed and the com. My bed and the com are the only things worthy at my home.

My friends' parents do not complain about their watchng TV for 2 hours everyday. I get scolded when i try to watch an hour of smallville every week.(this happened last time, when smallville was on)

My friends sit down at their tables and naturally get the mood to study. I sit down at the table and is sickened by my parents constant reminders to do work, until i never get the mood.

My friends are left alone when they are using the com. My parents want to know who i'm chatting with.

My friends' parents know that my friends are playing online games, and they do not mind. My parents assume i'm chatting and they scold like i've committed a serious crime.

Some of my friends' leave band as fast as they can, because they want to go home. I don't have to keep any instrument, and i leave as one of the last because i don't want to go back.

My friends go home because they want to. I go home because i have to.

My friends go out because of a celebration. I'ld tag along for any event because i don't want to stay at home.

My friends' parents ask them to sleep early when they return from a night outing with friends. My parents ask me to bathe faster and get ready for math tuition, after a band performance.

ok. i think that should be quite long for everybody to read it when they have nothing better to read online. Please leave a comment about whether u think I'm right or whether u think I'm just a gibbering moron who doesn't face reality.


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