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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Suddenly i became very famous yesterday.

It's all diyana's fault, den because of her the whole 2/3 knows me liao... hahaha

Okok, actually i'm not particularly angry at diyana or something, seeing that she's a perc member, but... How can she do this?!?!?!?

haha, nvm....

Anyway, today was quite a boring day. i went to the Tampines clinic to get my stupidly-made-unflexible-by-billy-hand....

I waited one and a half stupid hours can? stupid. And there wasn't even a hairline crack anywhere. Not that I wanted one of course. hahaha, but the doctor gaveme more medicine than a person who got flu. Stupid.

But there was something good about going to the clinic. I got my phone back for a few hours!

hahaha, I missed my phone so much, together with all the smsing...

Oh and there were so many temasekians at the Interchange. Is it the CIP? or something else? Because Flo told me she going CIP at Tapines. Right, i suppose it muz be.

yeah, anyway, that was it for my morning. came back eat lunch, surrendered my phone again, bathed, and had to do work again...

Chemistry first, then dad started me on math. den at 6 i break liao.

so here i am typing blog.

Oh, i remember the conversation with Flo last night. we were talking about someone she says she finds irritating.

Honestly arh, he doesn't look like the irritating type, but then again, because i don't know him well, I can't tell...

Anyway, I'm just too bored to do anything else already. I anyone reading this post to check out my bro's blog(under BRYAN in my links) or update their own blogs.

Please la, just update, i need some life stories to enrich my own stupid one.

yup, thats about it for this update.


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