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Friday, October 15, 2004

All good things have to come to an end.

Right, that's soo true.

And yeah, I've gotten over it. There are so many upcoming events and performances that I have no time to bother myself over matters like this.

Today, go to school 3 hours than come back. Actually there was a chinese class scheduled for this afternoon at 1, but teacher say can choose to come. And since all the stupid exams are over, and since there isn't a CL Paper 4, there's no point in going. Hence, no one stayed back.

Jie, there's no need to talk about it liao.

Ok. I recently borrowed 4 books and Yi Mei has finally lent me The Ellimist Chronicles. Actually, she gave it to me while we were at the breakfast table, and I started reading it when i came home.

I finished the book an hour ago.

Great. Just great. I'll probably finish the other 4 today, then I'll return them and borrow another 4 and finish them tomorrow, then on sunday do likewise....

Crap, I've got nothing better to do.


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