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Monday, January 17, 2005

One-liners for the day

-No energy for full sentences
-Protected Time for subject mastery sux
-XWs joke about being protected is really funny
-Denan wants to cut other hair
-Band Rocks! Percussion Diamond!
-TP or NYP? help me choose
-I prefer NAFA
-Parents say waste of money
-I cannot continue my passion
-Only one good thing about HW time
-She walked past
-I recalled last year when she walked past so often
-It was a luxury then, an indulgence now
-Crap I'm forgetting my new year resolutions
-I'm gonna focus my energy on band and work
-The Student Leader's investiture is going to be so fun
-Blue blazer
-synchronised putting on
-The Establishment is very cunning
-10 mins more for recess and lunch
-recess nevermind
-lunch, the school crazy
-whole school stay back for HW time
-all the food sold out and long queue
-crazy school
-write petition
-away with HW TIme!
-protection is not needed!
-I dun want to master CHINESE
-better things to do
-more band practices
-sec 1 induction


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