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Thursday, January 20, 2005

University of Western Australia.

Bachelor of Science(Mathematics and Statistical Science)

Yeah, that's the course my sister is going to take. Most likely ppl reading this may have thought the course was mine.

Yeah rite.

As if I wanna do that. I wanna go NAFA... NAFA, u hear me? I'm gonna get a job and save until I get enough $$ to pay for my own bloody course.

Good Luck and pray for patience. Let's list out my goals for my life. Of course, this is IF my parents dun let me go NAFA, which is 99% probable.

after sec 4, 2006-2009: Poly course in wireless mobile tech.
after poly, 2010-2012: NS.
after NS, 2013-2017: University to study in Wireless again.
after Uni, 2018-2025: Take up a job with the fricking wireless crap degree i have. Earn enough $$ in 7 years.

2025. 20 years from now. I will be 36 years old. And I will Prove that I am worthy of getting into NAFA without financial help from my parents who weren't willing to sponsor me 19 years ago in 2006. I will.

One day in 2025, I will come back to and see the 25 year old promise I made for myself in front of a HP computer on the 20th of January 2005.



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