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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone!!

And it's valentine's day tomorrow. Now, dun ask me about me, I'm sort of giving it up for love already. It's more of a concentration on my available sciences so that I can skip the science camp for lousy students in June, and instead go for the wonderful Band Tour to Brisbane.

But anyway, a Happy Valentine's Day to all the lovebirds and Love-seekers out there! May you all have a everlasting relationship!

Rite, there's school tomorrow. And that reminds me of SS last Friday. Miss Neo took me out of class for counselling. I think I'm the first one to kena counselling from her. Haiz, I'm such a failure.

Right. I'm really gonna fail chinese and humans. I'm really not cut out for them. And I really want to go NAFA. And I'm seriously scared about not ever touching my instrument again. Haiz..... And I really want to go back in time to sec 1 2 or 3... why... let's see...

Sec 1, there was NDP... It so rocked...
Sec 2, I was more involved in PSL stuffs. And I joined band in September. Happy times.
Sec 3, Balloon Hat, PSL P5 Camp, and Her in my life.

Yup.... So fun, the past years... And it's moving closer to SYF. And after that, it's graduation from band. But I'll come back. Though it's not as if my section wants me to. So they claim... Haha. That's the thing about being serious in a Mental section. If the awards ceremony had a most-mental section award, we would overtake the Flutes in that category. But if it had a most-well-behaved section award.... I think we would lose out miserably... hahaha. most likely to the trombone horn or euphonium section. hahaha.

Rite, and since the Brisbane tour is after SYF, will we be playing as alumni? And I hope to finish that simpsons piece by then. But we couldn't play it anyway. Somebody there would sue us for copyright infringement. Crap.

We are learning one or 2 songs for the Brisbane trip. Right, most probably The Best of Queen or Shrek Dance Party.

Haiz, I feel qute depressed.


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