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Saturday, April 09, 2005

There's something wrong.

Had a very inspirational talk with J and Samuel(They were inspiring me). Turns out that J had similar probs with Samuel and his gang.

Then just had a few conversations with Ansley, Cheryl and Sandra. Thx guys, or girls....

To Sandra, special thx for letting me know my mistakes.

To the POTs: Look, I'm really sorry, please accept my apology. I didn't mean to push you to one side, Shima, maybe I just got too big headed or something. And to the rest, I know u'll probably ignore this, but just to tell you that whatever it is, whether you still hate me or are ignoring me or whatever, I realised my mistakes already. Or at least those that Sandra told me. I'm trying to resolve them. And I would really appreciate you guys telling me more where I go wrong.

As of now, I really feel like stepping down. It's not easy, being an SL. Most of the SLs, with the exception of Kekang, and YuYing, will agree with me. J told me that SL's who build a good relationship with their section outside band will have a better time with them during band. Or it was something like that. I meet them at the locker everyday, chit chat and then dats about it. Maybe that's reason?

J said that, even with Nelson saying wadeva or wadeva, the ultimate decision to do wadeva lies with me. But through the past year Percussion has been so democratic. Everything we did was voted from a majority. Like the changing of the Ensemble piece just 2 weeks b4 Offstage.

Yeah ok, enuff crapping for me.


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