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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Graduation Night!! FUN FUN FUN FUN FUN!!

It was so shiok..... Food and all. haha Glutton me. as usual the trio consisting of Emily, Tallie and Florence turned up late, making their grand entrance.

Had all the photos taken and all. Darn my photo with Emily was ruined by the lighting. Anyway, we played all these funny table games and all. Chuan and Me had 280 and 281 respectively, for the lucky draw. The stupid MC called 283 and 282, which was Abbas, but he didn't call any of us!!!! AHHHHH!!

But we won the Guess movie contest lah. $5 KFC voucher each, equal since Chuan is vegetarian and they gave 10 vouchers while we have 11 people.

I'm starting to believe my horoscope. It's so freaking true everyday. Like today.

For Taurus- "You two have been tossing each other those glances for a good long while now, and there's absolutely no mistaking that the feelings are mutual. What to do about it depends on you now, doesn't it?"

Mutual?? I do wish it were so. So, I told her. Tonight, while everyone was busy snapping photos and all. Although she probably already knew it, but I told her anyway. Feels real great spilling it out, without worrying about having regrets. Haha, you know I debated with myself whether to tell her or not, for about half and hour. So in the end I did.

Wheee, tomorrow, or rather, today, will be the chalet day!!! All the playing and barbecueing and all!! Then there's SAJC tune-in on Friday, and Saturday, maybe iceskating? Who wants to wager if I'll sleep at all those 3 days at the chalet? hahah.

K, I gotta sleep, if not I'll lose my bet with anyone. haha, GDNIGHT people! AHHHH I'M SO HAPPY!!!!


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