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Friday, December 02, 2005


I just don't know what to do these days, everything's so boring and everyone's working or one holiday. The only solace i get is through band.

Some of the seniors asked me before what makes me want to return(note the "want"). I simply tell them cos it's my life. Was, is, and will always be.


The band was asked this by Zat on the last day of the camp. I believe Eugene has blogged about it too. Your words too famous lah Zat. haha.

Anyway, I find this statement very true. Some people might never get to understand why music can have such an influence on people's life. I never did in the past, until I joined band. In the beginning, my only purpose for joining band was because of the drumset(I believe many percussionists held that thought too). However, the true meaning of being in the band hit me when I played my first solo on timpani.

They feeling of playing for the rest of the members hit me at that point. A true player never plays the music for himself alone. He plays it for the rest to coordinate with him and for them to play for him to coordinate with them, and for the whole lot of them to play for the sole purpose of music.

Music is labelled as "The art of arranging sounds in time so as to produce a continuous, unified, and evocative composition, as through melody, harmony, rhythm, and timbre." courtesy of Too true.

However, every time I step back into the band room, I see unwillingness, unpreparedness, and the preference of reading stuffs other than their scores. It is the music that bonds us, not fake smiles and greetings. The joy of working together in a band, not a team, but a band, is hardly getting to any outside a few groups of people.

I arranged an ensemble for my section, not out of boredom or pressure. It was out of the anticipation an joy of seeing the work come to life as real sounds to be heard and not imagined.

Why can't many in the band see it? why?

Okay. Enough about that.

I've been intoxicated. By it. By the very thing which cannot be seen, heard, smelt, tasted nor touched, but can be felt by many humans.

Some messages out to some random people:

Val- I want tomyum arh!
Sandra- My potatoes please..
Joel- Ask for a bloody pay rise lah, then can get your $2000.
Galvin- I'll try and find the form as soon as possible.
My dear Clique people- When can we find the time to get out and do something again?! I'm freakin bored at home!

haha. Bye people.


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