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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

HO HO HO, Merry Belated Christmas and A Happy New Year to EVERYONE out there!!

I'm so bored, I have no where to go but the library, and all my friends are in some JC or another, enjoying their Orientation. They have no time for me.

I miss them all.

But I guess it's my own bloody fault that got me to fail chinese and not be able to get into any JC for the first three months. So I've taken to composing some random song, based on some theme that got into my head some 5 months ago, while mugging for my Os. At least I finally got it down. There's no title, it's just called "Overture" now.

I wanna join the songwriting for Temasek Musical!! I want! I want!!
hahha, fat hope.

Oh well, I suppose I shal just wait on my sorry ass for the O level results to be out. When arh? MOE still haven't reveal. Maybe they actually get the results in January and make us believe it's in March just to make us sweat it out.

I took out my vcd of "Money No Enough" yesterday to watch. The MTV and the song is really very nice. And I realised that a lot of asian songs have very nice chord structures and tunes, but their lyrics are really quite silly. A few examples are the Pokemon theme song, this Money No Enough one, and the "Lao Po Po" one. All no meaning one. But their tunes are really catchy.

Unfortunately I don't have the privelege of being in a family supportive of music, and I can only mantain music in my heart. It's really dissapointing to know that your family doesn't support something you love doing.


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