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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Where Eagles Soar

Nice nice nice nice. I like the timpani part, as usual, haha.

Anyway, I went back for TWE's so-called "practice" today. It was sec-one-day again. Everyone was slacking as usual, without regard for the sec ones.

I think the percussion sec ones are being neglected. So I brought the two girls who couldn't read notes to the white board and taught them abit of theory. Note-reading, understanding keys and such.

And I saw Shaun from trombone "conduct" combined sects for brass and perc. Damn funny la, most of the time Meroy was the one conducting. Actually don't see the point of perc joining in the combined sects, because we don't need to re-tune, we don't need to hold chords and all that. We just get everyone stading at their instruments, and go. It was practically a waste of time.

Why must the brasses come back to the band room for sects?

Besides that, I think Maha Bodhi made a very good choice in picking Where Eagles Soar. Crowd-wowwer. Haha TWE should do the same and pick something like, To The Summit. hahaha.

Ah, nothing more to post. Goodnight.


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