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Friday, March 17, 2006

Okaaaaaayy Fay TAGGED me again, so I have to do this funny ONE question quiz about 8 points my future wife should have.

This is sooo tiring.

Gender: Female. DUH.
1) Loving
2) Able to appreciate my type of music
3) Brilliant
4) Childish at heart
5) Able to appreciate art
6) Outgoing
7) Easy-going
8) See number 1-8.

Ahhh the last one was crap la. Just didn't have any more...

Ok now I have to tag 8 more people. EIGHT. That's a hell lot.

ok. The people who are to do this but can refuse also are...

1. Chuan
2. Val
3. Talz
4. Em
5. Florence
6. Marliyana
7. Hengky
8. Kenneth

haha the last 4 is anyhow think then put one.

Once again, I am not encouraging you to do this quiz.


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