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Friday, April 21, 2006

ENGINE OEIII!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahaha. Orientation was fun and not-so-fun at the same time cos everything was fun yet we were made to deal with things we weren't quite comfortable with.

so... yeah.

Anyway, DAY ONE.

Met all the new friends(they're not classmates cos we all bonded on day 1 already. hahaha), and listened to the 3 tian shen( i think it means gods) make their 1-and-a-half-hour-in-total-more-powderful-than-jigglypuff's-song speech. Wah really damn overpowering. Everyone ended up bowing down to him. Not in reverence, but rather in that daily action of total body rest.

When the last person went off the podium, like auto everyone rose from their slumber, fully refreshed of one and a half hours of their day. Haha. Then we got sorted into our CGs(caregroups). Basically it's just classes lah. We played budget games and did basic cheers. Did the TP Handsign song as well.

Oh at the end of the day we learnt the first and last mass dance, which was a couple dance. My partner was this girl named Yen Yin. She looked very familliar. Like I see before liddat. Dunno from where. Then the dance also quite weird. Hahah very childish at some parts also. After the whole dance everyone was dismissed.


Mostly played indoor games today cos it rained for most of the time we were there. We played this game dunno what it was called, in which everyone had to name a body part, with no one repeating. Sounds lame, boring, childish, educational? It's bitchy part came when the facilitator announced that we would have to kiss the body part that we named of the person after us anticlockwise. And omg FFFFF* the guy before me said tongue!!!! WTH!!! Aiyo in the end we use the kiss hand use hand touch method, but it was still disgusting. The guy(I shall not post his name) and me auto went to wash mouth and hand.... But ours not so bad, got people say teeth, some said toe, and the last guy said butt. HAHAHA. So he kissed Oswin the facilitator's ass la. Hahah, then Oswin joking go say "eh bite leh, like no feeling.", so he did, haha Oswin was walking like a sumo wrestler for the next half hour. haha. Almost all of the disgusting parts people went to wash their mouths after they had done it.

Ahaha, then we all went to the sports complex at night to cheer somemore against the other diplomas. FDM(my course) was the newest and hence the smallest course group(with only 96 people), and how the heck were we to compete with those giants like MTN and BIE and all those big big ones??!?! Hahah luckily the emcees split us into two big groups and we had MTN on our side!! hahaha, actually it was more like we were on MTN's side, them being the biggest brother in the group.

Oh we had the Tarzan and Jane thingy! Rais and Michelle from my class were chosen. Damn power! Rais really looked like tarzan man, cos of his long long hair and his tan skin. hahaha. Then at the end we did the chicky dance. Or is it chicken dance? Haha same la all is from egg one. We did the couple mass dance also, the childish one which had Chelly-Chelly-Lon-Jiam-Pas movements in it. Then we were dismissed.


Today! So fun, go to class late then started talking with the class already. Like auto bond one. Haha, talked about so many subjects, like my chinese subject's history, which is actually quite interesting and eventful, and we talked about so many things i can't remember them now. Haha, then we played games, and I taught the group how to play Baluku, although we eliminated the name. So fun, from there we got a nickname for Shendia, who was always being SABO-ed by Safwan and co. hahaha. LION!! haha it was her chosen animal in the game, and everyone kept doing it until she auto become the Lion liao. Although "Lioness" would have been more appropriate.

THENNN we went down to the sports complex for a very sian time, I shall not elaborate, and we also did the chicky dance there. Then we went to bedok reservoir to watch the dragon boat race. Should have ponned it like Karen and everyone else. So, time races by.... And it's JAMnHOP at the sports complex! SO HIONG LA everyone there dancing like mad. Karen had to pull me everywhere cos I walk slow slow.

Sia la I very lousy at dancing man. Firstly, I prefer waltzes. Secondly, I don't like lights in my face. Thirdly, I don't like techno. So.... Sorry ah Karen and Michelle and Rusy and the other girl I can't remember the name. I lousy dancer lah, then you all dancers I feel very budget. Haha. But anyway we left early, and headed back out to the bus stop. By that time I was damn hot and bothered liao lor, and the evening air so cooling. SHIOK sia. Went to da bao mac at the interchange and went home. That's it.

So now I shall list my whole class, so fun!!

HAHA. First there is Yong Han, the Class rep!!! Then there's Rais the Tarzan, Safwan the enthu guy who always sabo Wendy the laughtermachine and Shendia who is always quiet during the games. Next comes Jerry the silent guy, as in really SILENT. He hardly talks.... Ok then there is Quan Lin the Cellist who has a newfound hobby of psycho-ing everyone to join CO. And there's me! haha that's done with the guys.

Two of the girls already mentioned within the guys group, Wendy and Shendia, and then comes Yen Yin the quiet girl who is also my couple dance partner, Clarissa the super-hyper cheer person(I got video evidence), and Ericia the one who will faint from stuffiness(she self admit one hor), Pamela who had to kena kiss on the teeth by Jerry for one of the games, see above(they ended up using the hand method lah), then there is also LiTing, who tied with me on votes for the treasurer's job, and she got it also obviously. hahaha.

Then there is Ya Ding, our girl from China, attended Macpherson Sec, and Sandra the one who had to work and didn't come the last two days. We also have this TPJC-ian who came from J2 last year, Hanizah(i think it's spelt like this), Weiting, a girl who is almost as quiet as Jerry, HuiZhen the Fish who always kena hit by Jerry's Pig during Baluku, and Peiyu the one who can sometimes be very enthu and other times not at all. Then we have Michelle the one who strolled beside Rais on the Tarzan and Jane Show. hahaha. And finally we have Yi Ting AKA Golf Course!! haha, it's because her hair has some dyed parts of green which look very like the shade of green on golf courses. hahah.

Yep, 21 people in total! Quite small right. FDM small course what, small population, BIG RESULTS! Just like Singapore compared to the rest of the world! haha.

Yes I'm tired already, goodnight people.


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