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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Wheee! Tallie's birthday surprise was a success! Thanks all to Chuan Li, Valerie, Kenneth, Florence, Emily. Oh and Thanks to Tallie herself also for not suspecting anything. hahahaha.

Anyway, we had a conspiracy lah, thanks to the great yours truly, who planned the basic structure of it, with helps from Chuan Li with his pang sai story, Valerie who managed to get all the information which allowed us to switch plans in about 2 seconds, Florence for being the primary operative(sounds so military, hahaha), Kenneth for standing in the hot sun for 20 minutes, and Emily for her help in being the first one at Talz's house, and Talz's maid(is her name Anita or something like that?) for opening the gate and helping along with everything. hahahaha Yes and thanks to everyone for wasting their smses. hahahahaha.

ANYWAY, we had the best(and actually the first) Birthday party within our clique. It went like clockwork, only obstacle was that the candles were so darn hard to light.

WOOTS, I'm very happy today. Totally at odds to my previous post. No don't read it, you'll get a headache from the frequent changing of font sizes. hahahahaha.



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