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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

All dimensions are made of the continuity of it's predecessing dimension.

This realisation came to me during monday's Engineering Maths lecture.

Haha, I guess not many people may understand the first statement. hahah call me crazy. And if you're bothering to read this post, don't bother to try understanding the content below if you don't.

The first dimension is nothing but a dot. A singularity, pure, without length, breadth, depth. It cannot be seen. The second dimension is a plane. Just area, no thickness or depth, and because of that it can be seen face-on, but when u look at it from the perfect side you can't see anything. The third is all that is visible, with length, breadth thickness, depth and all the terms of volumetric measurement we have known. The fourth is Time. Not the magazine. Just Time.

What struck me in the LT on monday was that the second D was actually a continuity of the first, where there is a factor of length, every way on the plane, creating area. It can be facing anywhere, but it is nothing when seen fromt the side. And the third D is a continuity of the second D, where the plane comes OUT of it self, and adding in the factor of depth, or thickness, and our eyes can see it from all it's directions.

The fourth D is the confusing one. If all dimensions were the continuity of the previous one, or more crudely, the "pop-out" of the previous, then it stands to reason that the fourth dimension is the continuity of the third. Like the frames in a motion picture, moving too fast for our eyes to spot the lag between frames. Each measurement of Time is a "frame" in our lives, only it is not running too fast for our eyes. It has no speed.

That means, there is a Fifth dimension, which is the continuity of the fourth, something which we have never "seen" to ever understand, because "seeing" in every dimension is different. Like how "seeing" in the 2nd may be a pure sense of a barrier at a distance, which we would call a line. Thus "seeing" in the 4th dimension would be totally different, more like being aware of what happens "when", not having to deal with age, but probably a restriction of some sort from the 5th dimension. If a being from the 4th dimension were to adjust things on the 3rd, we would never know it, because the 3rd IS our existence, we cannot SEE beyond what is affecting our dimension further than ourselves.

The 1st dimension also has a "life", if u want to call it that. More like an existence. It is there, the building block of the 2nd dimension, and the "atoms" of the bricks of the 3rd.

The continuity, in my opinion, is expansion, which starts from a singularity, which at the same time is made of all dimensions and yet is only one dimension, and expands, not the way we know, but as a singularity should, and became the universe. We are affected by only 4 of the dimensions, but the beings in the 4th and 5th and further more will be affected by more.


Anyway, if you really had the time to read through the above content, pls call me, I wanna send you to woodbridge.


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