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Thursday, June 15, 2006

This post is for a certain friend who can't understand the relevance of the day FRIDAY.

Here are a few facts for you, val:

- Friday is the 5th day of the week
- However, it is the 7th day on some calendars which put Sat and Sun first.
- Friday was the name of robinson crusoe's servant/partner-in-solitude on the island.
- Friday is also the name of the horse which the man rode in the riddle: A Man goes to an inn on friday, stays three days, and leaves on friday.

- Your accident occurred on Friday night.
- Friday is always the day students get back their report book. (most of the time, anyway)
- Friday is the day after Thursday.
- It is also the day before Saturday.
- Friday came three days before you were born.
- Friday was the day I met three of the four girls from girl's schools that I know.
- Tomorrow is a Friday.
- There was a Friday 6 days ago.
- This year's Vesak Day was on a Friday.

THERE VAL, ALL THESE FACTS. Hope you've gotten enough to know what Friday is and it's relevance to you.

To everyone else who reads this: I'm not mental, I'm just answering a question posed by Val.

Have a good day, night and a wonderful Friday tomorrow, everybody.


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