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Sunday, July 09, 2006

So. Finally I'm blogging again. hahaha

Actually not very long lah, but seems so to me.

So, today I went to Toa Payoh sports hall to see the grading. Got there so happens they just started. hahahahaha. Saw Alene's pattern, damn good for her grade la, most likely double one. haha. Jes and Mel the pattern also good sia. Can't believe I was teaching these two blur girls the very steps just 2 months ago. hahaha.

So, after their grading was over, with all the cold sweat evaporating and all, the three of us and Charles went to Toa Payoh central to eat. Wah those two girls ah, very indecisive. Delifrance dun have that potato-thingy, then leave go Mac eat. hahaha wth. So anyway, we went to Mac eat and we were testing each other on those lame games which have no relevance to what they seem to be. Haha.

After that Charles had to leave to give tuition. hahaha so Jes Mel and me went to walk around Toa Payoh Central aimlessly. hahaha. In the end we decided to go PS watch movie. But went there saw no nice movie to watch. hahahaha Mel's fault. hahahaha. So we ended up in the ARCADE. haha Weird right? Hahah ended up playing Bishi-Bashi Champ. Obviously I won. I dun have fast hands for nothing. hahahahahahahahaha egoegoegoego.

Anyway, after that we went down to the basement and walkwalkwalkwalkwalkwalk until Jes foot cramped. Did quite alot of weird things before we finally decided to eat at Yoshinoya. hahaha.

Damnit, I eat the Yoshinoya in Singapore right, totally cannot compare with Japan one. That one really damn shiok, here one might as well tapao bring home heat up in microwave. Like KFC Banditto. hahahaha.

Anyway, after eating, and much talk, we went to Marina Bay Superbowl. Then WTH! No lane available... So put my name on the waiting list and that bowlfish dragged the both of us into the Arcade at the side to play more bashing-the-buttons games. Then Jes fingers became sore at that point.

Then we played Panic Park also like siao. The both of them keep pushing me to the edge even before the stage start. hahaha wth. And when the both of them play right, lucky the people around us were quite considerably far away, cos I think the Bowling Alley Snack Bar people also can hear. hahahaha.

So after that we went to check the lanes, and got one. Bowled until hand pain. hahahaha then we went out to take bus back to Marina Bay MRT, then FISH! The Bus just left. So what do we do? We went back to the arcade to play summore bashing games. hahaha. By that time I think Jes hands become like kiam chai liao whack so hard. Poor thing.

So, after yours truly won several more rounds of bashing, we finally caught a bus back to the MRT, then a train to Taka. Not the jewelry brand, the shopping mall. Went to delifrance there, see no potato, left again..... Finally ended up in KFC.

Hahaha so finally we sat down for damn long and eat talk eat talk. Then finally we took the train back home. Jes was so tired she slept for most of the journey. She's still up explaining maths to her friend as I'm typing this lor. So hardworking sia. I outside of school only work I do is stupid WRTORAL. And THAT'S really stupid kind of work.

Alright, that's the end of my sunday, 9th of july. hahaha good night everybody!


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