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Monday, August 21, 2006

Koped again from Sandra's blog

(1) I am : Marcus Low Junxiang, Percussionist, crapper and kantang(potato)

(2) My ex : Did I ever have one?

(3) Maybe : Maybe? Maybe one day I might get to play paganini's violin concerto with the London Symphony.

(4) I love : Music, and certain people in my life.

(5) I don't understand : Why people like techno music in concerts.

(6) I lost : A chance..

(7) My girlfriends/boyfriends are : hmm, don't have one of either.

(8) People say : "To be or not to be, that is the question." But no answer given.

(9) Love is : Love. There's nothing else to describe it.

(10) Somewhere, someone : is reading this sentence.

(11) I will always : live life as I will.

(12) Forever : live till you die.

(13) I never want : to lose the ability to play music.

(14) I think the current President : is too serious.

(15) When I wake up in the morning : I open my eyes.

(16) Life is full : of love. You just have to wait for your turn.

(17) My past : was memorable.

(18) I get annoyed : when people don't tell me when they do something that affects me.

(19) Parties are for : celebrations? what else?

(20) I wish : I could play music like paganini.

(21) My pet(s) : is my violin.

(22) Kisses are the worst : if it isn't mutual.

(23) Today : I got a shock.

(24) Tomorrow : I'm going to work for the first time in my life.

(25) I really want : something to happen.

(26) If I had a million dollars : save all and use it when I need it.

Hahaha Done.

Typing in morse code is so tiring. But morse code operators must have the best pulse in the world or something. Maybe they don't and it's all electronic, but who cares anyway....

TKGS prelims are in a week! Good Luck to Jes Mel and Alene!
TMS prelims are in a month! Good Luck to all the juniors!
TP exams start on friday end on friday! Good Luck to me!

Ok the last one was just bullshit. Don't worry about it.

Goodnight people.


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