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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

OKAy. Time to update.

Poly start already. New subjects, new lecturers, new timetable, new locations.

Yesterday was the first day. The Hospitality and tourism lecturer(IntHT) bears a huge resemblance to Jolin Tsai and can talk the best among the three lectures I had. The E Math 2 lecturer talks like a China baby with braces. The psychology lecturer looks like a grandfather and insists he be called doctor.

Basically it's a nice day but tiring cos I had to rush for training after finishing lessons at 6.

Then today.

Went to East Coast Park with Emily Tallie Val Florence and Anton(Tallie's younger bro) to cycle. Kenneth met us there. But wth, Emily didn't know we were going to cycle so she didn't wear clothes appropriate for cycling. So she and Florence went to McCafe and they met Kenneth there. Tallie rented the MOPED to cycle with Anton, and Val cycled WITH HER BAG. wth right. I rented rollerblades instead. We went all the way to the kallang bridge and back. Then I don't know what happened, but I suddenly felt damn dehydrated. I rushed all the way to mac to get a huge drink. We went to breakwater 4 to eat(Tallie Anton and Kenneth bought lunch at mac's. At 11.)

The breakwater was a nice place. Good for thinking. Whilst at the breakwater drinking my extra large Iced Lemon Tea and hearing the three early lunchers shout at each other to pass the plastic bag of their food, I began to reminisce. Just went back over everything that happened this entire year. The things I did, things I saw being done, people I met, new friends I made, those stuff.

Anyway, after everyone finished eating, Kenneth Tallie Emily and Florence went down the breakwater and started soaking their feet in the water. Kenneth wanted to throw Florence in cos of the birthday thing. haha.

Anyway, after awhile, TALLIE THE GREAT VJC-IAN had to go home to MUG FOR CHINESE. WTH. Who the heck mugs for chinese?!?! It's a useless subject!!

Hahaha. Just joking.

So, after Tallie went home with Anton in tow, we went to the bus stop and took a bus to Bedok Interchange, though Kenneth didn't follow us. He had a date. HAHAHAHA.

Reached Bedok Interchange and Emily went off to the MRT cos she needed to go home as well. So the rest of us went to Long John Silver's. I delayed them by eating much later than them. hahahaha. Used the no-appetite-till-later excuse to make them stay there till about 2.30pm.

So after that I went home, bathed, practised, slept for a while(I was damn tired), ate dinner, practised some more, and now I'm typing this lorh.

Some random thoughts for the moment:
- I'm forsaking two overseas holidays just so I'll be on stage for 15 minutes.
- Tkd classes will be much more fun from the 17th of Nov.
- This semester's subjects don't include any Computer-related Design work. So sad.
- I have a feeling TWE's concert this year's gonna be a fiasco.

Oh well, goodnight everyone.


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