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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Sad but Happy.

That's how I feel this christmas season. Contradictive, isn't it, but true all the same. This year's christmas, for me, isn't really very merry, or happy, or what.

Let's list out the reasons I'm sad:
- Jes is going on a cruise for 4 days and I can't ask her to celebrate christmas with me.
- Mel is stuck at home and I can't meet her on Monday to pass her her present.
- Talz's and Val's and my schedules can't seem to find a common time to meet up and exchange gifts.
- Everyone's distant this christmas. Doesn't feel like a cheerful X'mas this year.

Now, let's list out the reasons I'm happy:
- Jes will enjoy herself on her cruise. It's on the Superstar Virgo, her horoscope. hahaha.
- Mel will probably be enjoying her christmas with plenty of her friends.
- Talz and Val will surely be enjoying themselves this christmas cos their timetables are so full.


To overcome my unhappiness this year, I splurged on everyone's presents. I went higher than my budget last year, which was higher than the previous and which in turn was higher than the last. I hope that, by getting better and nicer gifts for everyone, they'll be happier. Thus, their extra happiness will make up for my lack of it.

Anyway, I just met up with Jes to pass her my christmas gift for her. Just seeing her sort of erased my unhappiness then. Hope she likes the present.

Past week's been not bad.
Mon was training as usual, but Jes and Mel came over to my house for "pre-training dinner" which consisted of this WHOLE SPRING CHICKEN and ONE PIZZA. Like, how to finish?! hahah So they packed up the half we couldn't finish and brought it for anthony colin they all to eat at training. hahaha.

Tues was quite stupid, then it became quite happy, then it became quite painful, then it became quite funny, then it became quite shiok, then it became tiring. Stupid was when Jes, Mel and me we to hougang to train. I didn't know they train at HDB one. And it was frickin raining, and the senior belts did Physical Training, which I found extremely stupid. I didn't go training to do PT. And for the stupidest reason, I thought Jes was angry with me, so I was depressed all through training. Hai... yea. Then Happy was when we three went to Kovan to eat and "shop" hahaha. Painful was during my dental after shopping. Funny was meeting up with Jes Mel and Renhao at Vivocity and playing cards. Shiok was Alumni Band practice. And last of all, of course the tiring comes from at night when I went home. hahaha.

Wednesday was concert day. It rocked!... Well, the Alumni Band performance, anyway. And Jes gave me a Blue Rose! And Mel gave me a Sunflower! I have never gotten flowers after a concert before! hahhaa so nice. The flowers are still at my bedside table, but they're.... well.... withering. hahaha. See the two flowers and their givers at Mel's blog. Jes looked really nice that night. Pity she wasn't wearing the shawl she brought. But nvm, still pretty. Hahaha. Anyway, they all looked good lah, just in case Mel comes and says "biased" like she always does. The three of us went all the way to Whitesands after the concert to eat......... Macdonald's. Wth right. Jes's Wonderful Idea. Yea, waited with Jes after the meal, for her parents to pick her up, chatted and then..... I MISSED THE LAST TRAIN. Hahaha so took the last bus 12 back lorh. Went back and slept like a pig.

Thursday was nonsense day. Went for Violin lesson early in the afternoon, then went home and slacked the whole day.

Friday was shopping day. Went to parkway with sis to shop. I bought the cards and wrote them and posted them on the spot. Then went to post them and met Mel and Shilin her sis and Shujie. Then went to shop like mad. I had 5 plastic bags at the end of it all. Plus my umbrella. So heavy. Went home, put the stuff, and changed and left for training. Training was abit crap, Sir scolded me, in a way. He insulted Jes and Mel subtly also, though maybe they didn't catch it. I'm quite angry with him and myself. yeah. Anyway, after training I sent Jes to her Grandma's house and then I went home and finalised my new arrangement. haha.

Then today lor. Nothing much. After slacking the entire day, apart from going to Tampines for awhile to buy something, my family left for East Coast. Didn't know everyone was dressed so informally, then my whole family dressed like going restaurant eat like that. Food wasn't so bad, drank some champagne too, when I reached half-glass I felt a little light-headed and stopped cos I would be meeting Jes later to pass her her present. So, I left after awhile, Dad drove me home. Went all the way to Compasspoint and was early. hahaha Jes was late, so I walked into Popular and looked around for awhile. When Her Majesty finally arrived, I passed the gift to her. Wanted to sit down at starbucks or something for a chat, but turns out, her mum was already at Compasspoint to pick her up. So I walked her to the road there, said bye, and went home. And now, I'm typing this lor...

Yeah, that's the week so far. I'm looking forward to Alumni concert next year.

For Christmas, I pray that Jes has a safe and enjoyable cruise, to wherever the ship is going. I pray that Jes and Mel will get into the JC of their heart's choice next year. I pray that everything will go smoothly for everyone. And of course, I pray that the world becomes a happier place.

Have a good night everyone. I'm done blogging for the week.


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