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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

It's so late and I've nothing to do. So I decided to go back through my archives and search for a quiz to re-do.

[3 people you talk to online?]
1. Mel
2. Val
3. Tallie

[4 people u see in school]
4. Clarissa
5. Quan Lin
6. Jerry
7. Michelle

[2 teachers]
8. Donald Aw
9. Williana Sulisto

[3 people you love going out with]
10. Jes
11. Mel
12. My siblings can count as one?

[3 people in your sms inbox]
13. Jes
14. Mel
15. Tallie

[what do u think on no. 4?]
Hyper-crazy girl.

[how would u feel if no. 4 slaps ur face?]
It's natural, she's THAT hyper. hahahahah. No la of course I will feel hurt. But Clar won't la. Hor Clar?

[how would u rate no. 5?]
PG for parental guidance. hahaha.

[if no. 8 meets with an accident, what wud you do?]
I probably wouldn't even hear of it.

[what sport would u play wif no. 12?]
My siblings and me play any sport as long as we can play it.

[do u hate no. 9?]

[will 13 and 7 make a good couple?]
Jes and Mich? No way, Unnatural eh.

[will 14 kill you one day?]
No. Hor Mel?

[who do you like more? 3 or 10?]
10. Number 3 would understand, right Talz?

[5 more people to do this quiz!]
1. Jes (highest probability of not doing yea?)
2. Mel (You better, at least you have a blog)
3. Val (You've done this before but I don't care)
4. Kor
5. Jie

[my name is]: Marcus
[in the morning i am]: Happy
[all i need is]: Family and Friends
[i'm afraid of]: Disapproval
[i dream about]: Friends and events
[colour]: Cyan and Blue
[number]: 1 or 8. 7's nice too...
[subject]: Maths
[clothing brand]: Tropicana Life, from that dunno what brand.
[shoe brand]: Nike/Addidas
[sport to play]: badminton
[drink]: ICE LEMON TEA
[animal]: dogs
[holiday]: Somewhere where I love the environment.
[favourite line from a movie]: Watashi-wa.. L... (from Death Note)
[band]: TWE Alumni band

[makes you laugh the most]: Bryan Low Junlong
[makes you smile]: Jesalyn
[gives you a funny feeling when you see them]: Well...
[has a crush on you]: I don't know.
[easiest to talk to]: Val, Talz and Mel.
[you talked to on the phone]: Mel
[hugged]: It was at east coast park when I was all drenched. But I won't say who.
[you messaged]: Mel
[you laughed with]: Jes, Mel, Anthony, Colin, and whoever was there when Sir made those lame jokes.

have you ever...
[sit on the internet all day waiting for someone special to i.m. you?]: yes
[save aol/aim conversations]: MSN chat history auto-save
[wish you were a member of the opposite sex]: nope
[cry because of someone saying something to you]: Yeah.
[fallen for your best friend]: no.
[been rejected]: yeah.
[rejected someone]: yeah.
[used someone]: I hope not.
[been cheated on]: no.
[done something you regret]: yeah. But it's over and no point brooding over it.

do you / are you
[smoke cigarettes]: NO.
[obsessive]: Yeah I think I am.
[could you live without the computer]: Yes, there are things that could compensate for it...
[how many peeps are on your buddylist]: 200+ on MSN
[what's your favorite food]: Chicken Rice, Fried Rice...
[fruit]: Papaya.
[drink alcohol]: ever did.
[like watching sunrises or sunset]: yes
[what hurts the most]: imagining hurtful things.
[trust others way too easily]: yes

[of times you have had your heart broken]: Twice.
[of hearts you have broken]: I do not know...
[of continents I have lived in]: 1
[of drugs taken illegally]: 0
[of tight friends]: 4, but that's what I regard them as... It isn't mutual for some...
[of cds that i own]: quite a few but under 20 I guess, Mostly Burned ones.
[of books]: too many to count
[of scars on my body]: alot.
[of things in my past that I regret]: Well, like Jes says, forget them they're over.

pick one..
[marry perfect friend or perfect lover]: The person whom I marry will be my perfect friend and lover.
[cats or dogs]: dogs!!
[1 or 2 pillows]: any number lah.
[with or without ice cubes]: with, if not then the drink not cold.
[top or bottom]: top
[winter / spring / summer / fall]: spring
[night or day]: Day
[gloves or mittens]: gloves.
[dressed or undressed]: dressed
[bunk or water bed]: Bunk with a waterbed mattress! haha
[mtv or vh1]: I don't watch much TV.
[ocean or pool]: I don't swim much too.
[showers or baths]: showers, no time to waste.
[love or lust]: love.
[silver or gold]: gold
[diamonds or pearls]: diamonds.

if you could..
[move anywhere]: Singapore please.
[meet one famous person]: Beethoven? But he's dead.
[live with one person the rest of your life]: Not saying.
[name one thing you love]: My friends.
[name one thing that embarrasses you]: Truth or Dare.

[do you like school]: Sometimes.
[do you like to talk on the telephone]: I don't get many calls, but when I do I like them.
[do you like to dance]: depends on my mood. But I'm not good
[do you sing in the shower]: Hum, no words.
[do you think cheerleading is a sport]: It keeps the people in it fit, so it must be lah.
[what's on your ceiling]: fan, lights, paint, dust and lizards.
[what's the hardest thing about growing up]: Emotions.

Yeah, that's basically it. Two quizzes, some of my previous answers appeared to be still the same to me so I practically managed to finish the two quizzes faster than what I took last time.

There were some questions I dearly would have loved to put answers to, but I can't. I won't risk things falling apart again, because I revealed things honestly. Sometimes, we just have to lie and keep mum about it.

That's what white lies are for.

I hate telling white lies. I rather just not say.

Which is why I'm quiet sometimes.

Good morning everyone. I'm going to sleep. Cya.


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