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Friday, February 23, 2007


It's 7.45pm on a Friday and I'm blogging. Why leh? Cos no training today. Sian.

Anyway, Math today was quite alright, apart from the last question, which looked more like a question the ETCM would be more familliar with. Must be set by an ETCM teacher. So hard la the question. So many constants all over the place and sine here and cosine there.

By the way, ETCM stands for Electronics blahblahblah. The Electronics part is the only relevant part here, cos the question turned out to be on differentiating a formula to do with voltage and power phases. Crazy right?

But the rest of the paper was fine.

After the paper, Clar, Mich, QL and Jerry went opp to buy ......bubble tea. Of all things. I rather buy KFC. And QL and me were arguing about the Integral of Sine-Root-x. Stayed there and chatted a bit about our chinese new year celebrations this year and then we walked back to the bus stop.

Came home and slacked until now. Going to practice later. Got a HECK LOT to practice. In the midst of my exams some more.

And I think I'm not going for training on Monday also, although I'm seriously compelled to. TBP on Tuesday. It will be the first time I miss training completely on purpose. Darn, I'm changing.

And my dad wants me to go back to Greenview to teach this hols. And the MOE website is screwing up and not accepting my password. What a lousy portal. Government-based, too.

And.... nothing else to say. Goodbye.


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