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Friday, October 05, 2007


Well, let's talk about the class chalet.

It was heavy. Literally. hahaha. I lugged my violin on Thursday afternoon to Tampines Mall to meet up with a few of the class people at Fairprice. Then we took cabs to Costa Sands Resort and checked in.

Basically, it was fun apart from the fact that we had almost nothing to do there. I had to leave around 5.30pm for my violin lesson, then I went home to change and pack and leave for the chalet again.

It was 10plus by the time I reached the chalet again. Most of the class were there already and it was quite noisy outside. Went inside, chatted and caught up with classmates, and soon one by one they all left to return home.

I didn't sleep at all. Stayed up all the way. To quote Roald Dahl, I "moochled and foochled around" until Weiting and Lynette had to leave, and I walked with them out to Downtown East Mac's and ate Breakfast no. 1 with them.

After that I went back to the chalet to wake everybody up to check out, had a hard time doing so too. Packed up everything and then we left. Took the shuttle bus to White Sands with the remaining class people and went to the (lousy) food court there for Breakfast no. 2. I simply bought a cup of watermelon juice. Nice but expensive, and there wasn't anything else at the foodcourt that I found enticing enough to eat.

Well, after that we all went to see the new(quite old already, actually) arcade at White Sands, then I left with QL and went home. Got home, bathed, and at 2.30pm plonked down on the bed in the cold aircon. Bliss!

Couldn't sleep for long though. Woke up at 5pm and changed for training. Training was normal as usual. The grading is tomorrow but I'm just going down to support.

Anyway, Val complained of a dreadful pain in the head, but she still came online and now she still won't go to sleep. Talk about stubbornness.

Ah ok. I'm seriously bored and tired now. Goodnight everybody!


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