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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Hello world. 

It's been how many days since I last blogged?

Well, Poly life has resumed and this semester I'm actually quite happy for the more theoretical subjects of this semester. Although I can't memorise. It feels somewhat tamer than the projects of yesterSem. Helps somewhat too, when I think of how Val and Tallie feel like taking academic subjects like these for 2 years more than we did together.

So anyway, since I have nothing to do this Deepavali holiday, I'll just talk about my newest Subjects.

First up, Project Management. The subject title says it all, don't you think? Basically, the subject teaches the proper steps in project planning, initiation and operations. For our first lesson of the year, we drafted out a schedule for the construction of a house (I love building houses) using Microsoft Project. Face it, you've never heard of that Microsoft application, either.

The stupid thing about this subject is that the Lecture group consists about close to about 130-140 people. And the LT has about 130 seats. Taking into account the people who leave their bags on seats and random singular empty seats around, it's not surprising why some students skip this lecture.

So anyway, the second subject of the Sem is Business Continuity Management. Okay this subject is not so bad apart from the heck-load-of-info tutorials. However, it probably won't be a problem for me because the tutor says we can write in our own words!! Thank god for that!

This subject actually teaches you how to backup and have a fall-back plan for your business in case it enters a crisis or disaster. So actually all the time we're talking about businesses which are practically going to fail. It's quite depressing, actually. hahaha.

Next up, Lighting & Acoustics. Now, I don't really know what this subject's goal is, but all we've started on in the first three weeks of school is the Mathematics and Physics aspect of Light and Sound and all that. I wonder if the tutors know that dim light makes humans percieve things moving slower than usual. Anyway, this subject is fun, and it's a subject I can do well in. DISTINCTION! I hope.

Following that is Energy Audit. Now this subject is seriously boring. You know how the people studying Finance learn how to audit companies' account data so they can verify that the company is doing well or not? Change that data into energy usage data. Then you'll know how boring this subject is. The Labs are not bad though. We spent 2 hours gathering data on pressure gauges and temperatures and all that. I don't know for what either, but it's something to do with Lab 2, which will be in the following week.

Last up is Attractions Management, a module from Business School. It's something like Intro to Hospitality and Tourism (IntHT), but it's abit more focused on the attractions, duh. Well, simply put, this subject is extremely tedious. The lectures are 2 hours per session and very tiring to sit through. The work is very unique though. Very un-academic. Like how we had to come up with ideas on how to turn the TP Campus into a Tourist Attraction. hahaha.

And of course, apart from these 5 Diploma Core subjects, we have our Organisational Communication (OrgComm), which is simply the most dumb, resource-depleting, mindless, -for-idiots and time-wasting subject.

It teaches you how to behave in a meeting.

So apart from that ridiculous subject, we also have our Cross Disciplinary Subject (CDS, referred to as Electives in other Polys). This year, I'm taking Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP). It simply teaches the technology behind SKYPE and MSN Audio Call and all that free phonecall over internet stuff.

So yeah, those are the subjects I'm taking this year.


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