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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Grading and degrading. 

Whew! Grading's over. Now I can focus on my violin and getting ready for internship. I still don't know what I'll be doing. hahaha.

Thanks to maam and all the senior Blackbelts who came down to support me, and also thanks to Mum for the 7 bottles of Brands Chicken essence, to Bro, Val, Talz, Jacklyn, Minghwei, Juan Zhen and the rest of the VJC team for the good luck wishes. Many thanks to Christopher for willing to be familliar with the floor for my unarmed combat segment.

And last but not least, actually the most, Thanks to Terence sir for the all the guidance.

It's now over and I can relax a bit for now. I'm blogging from Greenview, which is where I work as a relief teacher. It's my last week here though, and honestly, I can't wait. Teaching 3NA, 3NC and 5NB is very draining, especially when I have to raise my voice beyond tkd shouting level almost half of the time.

I miss playing in the band. When's alumni band starting??

On a happier note, I managed to play Kreutzer's 8th etude non-stop yesterday. Quite an achievement. haha.

Alright, it's time to get back to class. Have fun everyone!


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